Thursday, 25 April 2013

Lancaster Car Hire

In the past, Lancaster played a leading role in the War of the Roses - where the ‘Lancastrian’ man Henry Tudor, beat the ‘Yorkist’ King Richard III, and took the throne. Today things are a lot more relaxed, there are no beheadings or fights to become the leader of the country, but the locals are still very proud of their history. You can see that when you travel around the area in your Lancaster Car Hire. You can visit the Maritime Museum which explains about the area’s fishing history, you can also visit Lancaster Castle.

Lancaster Castle by from Wikimedia Commons

Built on the site of an old Roman fortress, the castle was enlarged by Elizabeth I (King Henry VII’s second daughter, whose mother Anne Boleyn lost her head). It was also connected with some gory deaths of its own. Until recently it was still used, as a prison and a court, but back in 1612 it was known as the Lancaster Assizes and was the site of the Pendle witch trials. The castle was where twelve witches from Pendle, accused of murdering of ten people with various spells, were brought to trial, convicted, and executed by hanging. Over the years, the court was responsible for sentencing many more people who were hanged, in fact, they were responsible for more hangings than any other town in the country outside of London, earning it the nickname, ‘the Hanging Town’.

On a more positive note, Lancaster’s bloody history and its links to the monarchy make it well work a visit, these are just a few things you may see.

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