Thursday, 25 April 2013

Kirkcaldy Car Rental

Given the nickname Lang Toun (Long Town), in reference to its four mile long main street, Kirkcaldy curves around a sandy cove along the Firth of Forth, 18.6 miles north-northeast of Edinburgh.

By Rohancragg, via Wikimedia Commons

The town isn’t somewhere where visitors with a Kirkcaldy Car Hire would spend weeks on end exploring; however, there are three places which are worth visiting if you’re in the area. The first is Ravenscraig Castle. Built by James II in the 1450s, the castle was originally in an isolated spot, but as the town grew, the castle became surrounded. The second place on your whistle stop tour is Kirkcaldy Museum and Art Gallery, the town's main museum and exhibition space. Situated next to the train station, it first opened its doors in 1925, and with the exception of the National Galleries of Scotland, it holds the largest collection of paintings by the Scottish painters Samuel Peploe and William McTaggart. The third place to visit is the Adam Smith Theatre, named after Kirkcaldy's most famous former resident, today it’s also a cinema as well.

The locals understandably get a bit ‘miffed’ when the name Kirkcaldy is repeatedly mispronounced, so this is a sure fire way of getting in their good books. For fans of Star Trek think of Captain Kirk, next think of a fish - the Cod, and finally imagine the Fonz from Happy Days; picture him putting his thumbs up and saying Aaaaay! There you have it, Kirk – Cod - Aaay. Alternatively, just ask a local where Gordon Brown comes from, then they’ll say it for you.

Like many towns throughout the British Isles, Kirkaldy has seen some changes but it’s also remained unchanged.

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