Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Kilmarnock Car Hire

Kilmarnock, the 14th largest populated place in Scotland and the second largest town in Ayrshire is famous for three things - its rugby and football club, it was where Alexander Fleming (the man who discovered penicillin) studied, and until recently it was the home of Johnnie Walker whisky.

Johnnie Walker Whisky by eugeni_dodonov on Flickr

Kilmarnock had been home to Johnnie Walker Scotch whisky since the 19th century, but in 2009, its owner announced the closure of its bottling plant in the town ending its 189 years of history. Originally known as Walker's Kilmarnock Whisky, the Johnnie Walker brand was started by John ‘Johnnie’ Walker who sold his own distilled whisky from his grocer’s shop. After his death, his sons and grandsons continued the tradition. Prior to 1860 it was illegal to sell blended whisky, but in 1865, John’s son Alexander produced their first blend ‘Walker’s Old Highland’, and in 1870, he also introduced the brand’s unmistakable square bottle. The square bottle was a great innovation as it was less likely to break and more bottles could fit into the same space; the fact that its label was applied at an angle of 24 degrees also made it pretty unique.

Kilmarnock is a watery place, the River Irvine runs through its eastern part, and the ‘Kilmarnock Water’ also passes through it. The town also has a ford, a stretch of river which crosses the road, and the video below proves that whilst in your Kilmarnock Car Hire you should always read the road signs.

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