Monday, 4 February 2013

Isle of Man Car Hire

Approximately 32.5 miles (50km’s) from north to south and 13.5 miles (20 km’s) from east to west, it won’t take you long to drive the island in your Isle of Man Car Hire. The island is a small one, but there are plenty of things to see and experience which make it rather unique.

Isle of Man TT 2008 by Jonathan Camp on Flickr

 The island is famous for a few things; firstly there are the Manx cats, noted for having a genetic mutation which causes them to have short tails. Then, there are the Manx fairies that live under Fairy Bridge (its true). The ‘little folk’ or ‘themselves’, expect you to wish them good morning or good afternoon when passing over their bridge, and if you leave them a coin, it’s pretty much guaranteed you’ll experience good luck. Last but by all means least are the rather weird and wonderful national dishes; chips, cheese and gravy, and Kippers (Smoked herring) with sweetcorn mash which is traditionally served with chilled port. However, what the island is really famous for is its TT races.

The TT races or Tourist Trophy races are motorbike races which follow a course around the island. First started in 1907, the event takes place over a two week period in late May and early June each year, and is considered to be one of the greatest motorcycle sporting events in the world. During the race fortnight the whole island takes on a carnival atmosphere with picnicking crowds flanking the course, but be warned, it’s also difficult to move around the island because many of the roads are closed, you'll see why in the video below.

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