Thursday, 10 January 2013

Hull Car Hire

The Deep, Sammy's Point, Hull. By Tom Young on Flickr

Take your Hull Car Hire out on the roads of Yorkshire, and right on the banks of the Rivers Hull and Humber, you will come across one of the north of England’s most important cities. Hull has shaken off its image of a rather bleak city close to the North Sea coast, to become an absolute gem, an exciting, dynamic and entertaining place to visit.

Its residents are young and vibrant, friendly too, and since its revitalization, the city’s rich cultural heritage mixes well with a fun and lively social scene. There are great places to shop, every kind of food your heart could desire, as well as eight free museums, a fantastic aquarium, theatres, nightclubs - everything you need in a city break.

In 1922, the city was known as Kings Town upon Hull, thanks to King Edward. Kings Town soon became Kingston, but even then it was quite a mouthful, so these days it’s simply known as Hull. In King Edwards's day,  the city was a thriving port town, a trading hub, a whaling and fishing centre, but during the Second World War the Hull Blitz caused devastation. Trade suffered, social and education standards dropped, and times were tough. But in the early 21st century spending increased rapidly, and not only did the city see massive investment in retail, housing and public services, attractions for tourists such as the Hull Marina and The Deep, one of the city’s landmarks were also created.

The city of Hull is a culture rich and diverse city to explore with something for everyone, from culture vultures to all night partygoers.

Author: Kevin Hall+

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