Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Huddersfield Car Hire

Huddersfield Broad Canal by Tim Green on Flickr

Halfway between Leeds and Manchester is the large market town of Huddersfield, the birthplace of the British Prime Minister Harold Wilson and rugby league. The town is also well known for the part it played during the Industrial Revolution.

The town has a rich heritage of Victorian architecture which includes its mills, its houses and its beautiful railway station, a listed building described as 'the most splendid station facade in England', northern England that is, and second only to St. Pancras station in London.

For over one hundred years, Huddersfield was involved in a bitter battle known as the Industrial Revolution when changes in manufacturing, transportation, and technology brought about new ways of working. Many of the local mills were under threat of closure and the local people faced losing their jobs. They fought back, and set about destroying the mills and the new fangled machinery. To curb the violence and poverty the government increased welfare for those out of work, and introduced regulations to improve conditions for those left working in the mills. Times moved on, and things have certainly improved, these days the area is full of modern shops, entertainment venues, and the latest technology, not a sign of a tin bath by the fire anywhere.

Closely linked to the mills are the area’s canals, the Huddersfield Broad Canal, and the Huddersfield Narrow Canal. Leave your Huddersfield Car Hire at one end of the tow path and either walk or cycle to the other end. But if you’re not feeling that energetic, just stop by for a short stroll, a picnic, or a spot of fishing.