Thursday, 10 January 2013

Holyhead Car Hire

South Stack Lighthouse by Bert Kaufmann, Flickr

Cymru Am Bydd - Welcome To Wales and the Island of Anglesey. The popular port of Holyhead in north Wales is not officially on the island of Anglesey, but a smaller island called Holy Island, connected to Anglesey by a causeway. But however you look at it, this area has become extremely popular in recent years thanks to a rather famous couple.

Holyhead is surrounded by towering sea cliffs, some 600 millions years old. There is natural beauty all around, the sea, the beaches, the rugged coastline, and its countryside. This was once the bastion of the Druids, a mysterious order of priest like figures, it was a refuge for Welsh Princess who resisted Edward I during the 13th century, and it was the stronghold of the Welsh language when Henry VIII virtually eliminated it. The Welsh are Celtic and proud of it, although visitors don't need to worry, because although Welsh is commonly spoken here, everyone is bi-lingual and signs are in English.

Holyhead Car Hire is an excellent way of discovering the island’s many excellent fishing spots, its golf courses and of course it’s beautiful, unspoiled beaches. You can even cross the sea to Ireland for a few days, it takes just 99 minutes. But who are the famous couple who now make Anglesey their home? The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, or William and Kate to the locals. RAF Valley is where the Duke is based, and the couple’s home at Aberffraw is on the south west coast. It’s not uncommon to see the couple out and about in their car, buzzing about on their red and white motorbike, or even in the local supermarket buying a few snacks, so keep your eyes peeled. 

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