Thursday, 18 October 2012

Hereford Car Hire

The city of Hereford is a traditional countryside city situated on the banks of the River Wye. It is home to black and white buildings, riverside walks and the Hereford Bull, one of the most famous breeds of cattle in the world. The city is in an area known as The Marches, the border between England and Wales, where the air is clean, and the countryside is still unspoiled.

 Hereford Cathedral by Dave Hamster. Wikimedia Commons.

Despite its old world charm the city caters for everyone with all the popular high street shops, as well as small boutiques which offer everything from locally produced cheeses and cider to designer clothing. There are fast food chains, but there are also fine dining options with fish from the River Wye, and of course a visit to Hereford would not be complete without a taste of real Hereford steak. Evening entertainment can be as loud or as quiet as you wish. There are tiny bars and restaurants as well as some of the larger chains, there is a choice of nightclubs as well as opportunities to visit the theatre or cinema, where performances can be by professional touring companies or the local amateur operatic society.

Hereford has a lot to offer its visitors, but just outside, the city is surrounded by small black and white villages with corner shops, tiny post offices, and riverside walks. This is where you can enjoy picnic spots and country pubs, perfect places for enjoying a lazy afternoon by the river.

If you're in Hereford, Hereford Car Hire is the perfect way to explore the city and the local black and white villages nearby at low rates, and in your own time.

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