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Dartford Car Hire

Queen Elizabeth II Bridge, Dartford, England - Feb 2009
By Diliff - Wikimedia Commons
Dartford is the principal town in the borough of Dartford.  It is situared in the northwest of Kent, England, 26 km east south-east of London's CBD.

The town centre is situated in a valley through which the River Darent flows, and where the old road from London to Dover crossed,  In 2001 Dartford's population was around 85,900.

Within the town boundaries there are several distinct areas: the town centre around the parish church and along the High Street; the Joyce Green area; Temple Hill estate constructed in 1927; the Brent; Fleet Downs; as well as two important areas of open space and several industrial estates. The open spaces are Central Park alongside the river; and Dartford Heath.

Dartford has two major buildings concerned with performance art.  The Orchard Theatre, located in the town centre, is a fully professional theatre, providing audiences with a large range of drama, dance, music and entertainment.  The Mick Jagger Centre  in Shepherds Lane was completed in 2000 and provides facilities for community arts across a wide region.  The local museum in Market Street is housed in the same building as the library.  Central Park is a formal park in the town centre.  It comprises 110,000 m2 of land.

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