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Christchurch Car Hire

Christchurch City (version 1)
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Christchurch is the largest city in the South Island of New Zealand, and the country's third-largest urban area.  It lies one third of the way down the South Island's east coast, just north of Banks Peninsula which itself, since 2006, lies within the formal limits of Christchurch.

The river that flows through the centre of the city (its banks now largely forming an urban park) was named Avon at the request of the pioneering Deans brothers to commemorate the Scottish Avon, which rises in the Ayrshire hills near what was their grandfathers' farm and flows into the Clyde.

After devastating Earthquakes in 2010, and 2011 the city has changed considerably, the CBD no longer a CBD. The community has gathered together none the less and formed centyred in the suburbs to compensate for the loss of the city's centre. The city is still beautiful and  although some of the tourist attractions have closed down, is still welcoming tourists.

The Christchurch city council have announced that Christchurch will be built as a "city in a garden" with an estimated cost of NZ$2 billion. The size of the city's business district will be reduced, giving over much more space to parkland. Also the height of building will be limited in the centre.

The city has a close prioximity to Queenstown and many other tourist towns making it an excellent place to depart from for a road trip.

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