Monday, 16 July 2012

Carnarvon Car Hire

Carnarvon Jetty, Western Australia
By Nachoman-au - Wikimedia Commons
Carnarvon is a coastal town situated approximately 900 kilometres north of Perth, Western Australia. It lies at the mouth of the Gascoyne River on the Indian Ocean. The popular Shark Bay world heritage area lies to the south of the town and the Ningaloo Reef lies to the north. Carnarvon has a population of around 5,300.

 The town was founded initially as a port and supply centre for the surrounding region.

 Carnarvon's main economy is from; mining at the Salt Lake on nearby Lake Macleod; agriculture- particularly bananas, tomatoes, wool, cattle, sheep and goats; and fishing and tourism.

 Carnarvon has a warm to hot semi-arid climate.  Temperatures range from an average maximum of 33 °C in February to 22 °C in July.  Average minimums are 23 °C and 11 °C respectively.

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