Monday, 23 July 2012

Devonport Car Hire

Devonport Center Street
By Synyan - Wikimedia Commons
Devonport is a city in the northwestern part of Tasmania, Australia, situated at the mouth of the Mersey River. Along with the slightly smaller city of Burnie, Devonport is the major regional centre of the northwestern part of the state.

The main CBD is on the west side of the Mersey River and includes a pedestrian mall, cinema, speciality stores, chain stores and the Quality Gateway Hotel. Local restaurants include Dannebrog Cafe Bar & Grill, Bellas, Sharkies, Indian Affair and La Pisa. The former Devonport Hospital is now being considered to be transformed into over fifty apartments.

 Devonport has mild to warm summers and cold winters with high humidity (about 70%) all year round. Most days from January to March average 20 °C to 25 °C with sunshine almost every day, the warmest and driest days can pass 30 °C but the humid air from the bass straight often prevents extreme heatwaves. Winters are more overcast with more rainfall with July and August being the wettest months of the year. September to December usually has overcast and windy weather.

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The above information was obtained from,_Tasmania

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