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Braintree Car Hire

Bocking mill
By Brenda Howard - Wikimedia Commons
Braintree is a town of about 42,000 people and the principal settlement of the Braintree district of Essex in the East of England. It is 16 km northeast of Chelmsford and 24 km west of Colchester on the River Blackwater, A120 road and a branch of the Great Eastern Main Line. Braintree has grown contiguous with several surrounding settlements: Braintree proper lies to the south of Stane Street, and Bocking lies to the north. The two together can be referred to as Braintree and Bocking, although many people refer to them together as "Braintree".

Braintree lies in north Essex, about 64 km from London, with factories and housing to the south and rural areas to the north, where arable crops are grown It lies about 46 m above sea level.  Essex is rather flat on the whole, and the Braintree area is no exception; however, there is a general downward trend in the height of the ground from the northwest towards the coast to the southeast. Two rivers flow through Braintree in this direction.

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