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Blandford Car Hire

Blanford Forum
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We've brought together all the major depot locations throughout the town of Blandford - so finding your rental car in the right part of Blandford is a snap! Here you can compare all the leading providers and find your perfect location/price package to suit your needs, then place a booking in our easy to use secure booking engine.  So drive around Blandford with some great rental car savings!

Blandford Forum, commonly Blandford, is a market town on the River Stour in Dorset, England. The town is noted for its Georgian architecture. In the 2001 Census the town had a population of 8,760. Blandford is the administrative headquarters of North Dorset District Council. Blandford Camp, a military base, is sited on the hills a mile to the east of the town.

Blandford Forum is often given as an example of a Georgian town, as the entire centre was rebuilt at once in the 18th century, due to a fire, and is hence uniformly Georgian.

Five district electoral wards (Blandford Damory Down, Blandford Hilltop, Blandford Langton St.Leonards, Blandford Old Town and Blandford Station) comprise the town and parish of Blandford Forum, with a built-up area totalling 310 hectares.

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